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Too dangerous to ignore and area attacks

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If ny opponent doctor strange, sorcerer supreme making an area 2 attack against honey badger and carnage, when does honey badger have the opportunity to play too dangerous to ignore?

Does honey badger pay for too dangerous to ignore, then my opponent makes both attacks on honey badger, or does step 2d happen for each attack as my opponent goes through each attack, preventing me from using too dangerous to ignore if honey badger is dazed or ko'd before carnage is attacked. 


The first post below seems to indicate the former, but this earlier post about beams ks causing confusion. 


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Step 2d happens when each character gets attacked in their own individual attack. Honey Badger needs to use Too Dangerous to Ignore when Carnage's attack starts in order to redirect his attack. If Honey Badger is attacked first and Dazed, she will not have superpowers when Carnage is attacked.

The Venom thread discusses what happens when he uses Lethal Protector to enter the area attack after the attack begins. He will only take one attack in that situation. If he was one of the enemy characters in range at the beginning of the attack, he would take two attacks. 

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