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Loki Trickster and beam attacks

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A beam attack is declared by an enemy character, and the template is placed in a way that it targets Loki, plus other allied characters.

If Loki was declared as the first target to be attacked and he uses Trickster, does this stop all attacks being made, as Loki is now out of Range of the beam attack?

As the beam attack targeted multiple characters, if the above is correct, does this mean the enemy character may not make another attack in place of this 'lost' attack?


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4 hours ago, Scaritus said:

Then, as Loki has moved out of the template for the beam, the enemy player has the opportunity to place the template again, despite the fact other allied characters remain in the original beam template?

If the other characters are allied to Loki, no. The attack progresses against them.

If they are allied to the attacker, they are not targeted by the attack. Once the attack against Loki is stopped, they will take 1 damage as normal and the attacker will gain another action. 

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