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Confusion with Malekith and Conqueror of the Ten Realms.

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The ability states that characters cannot modify their dice. It does not say anything about re-rolling dice. Was this a misprint? It does not read anything like Angela's living ribbons that specifically says you can not re roll or modify dice. Modify and Reroll are completely different steps in the chain. Help me make sense of this please because I can not find the answer in these forums from a search or in the Errata. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills trying to explain this to my play group, and I agree with them. Or am I missing a rule change somewhere that combines reroll and modify into the same step?

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Modifying dice is a blanket term that encompasses both effects that reroll dice and effects that change die results to other results.

Both of these effects occur in Step 9 of the attack timing chart.

There is no functional difference between the relevant portion of Angela's rule and the relevant portion of Malekiths rule.

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