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Tactical card : Escort To Safety

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Hello everyone
What I want to ask is the so-called another action, does it mean that the attack action is changed to something else, or is it the action that has not been carried out?

That is, will this card cause the enemy to lose an action?

Thank you for your answers here first

English is very poor, please forgive me if the text is rude

Escort To Safety
When an enemy character targets an allied character, anothjer allied character within rang 3 of the targeted character may spend 3 power to play this card.

Push the targeted allied character toward the other allied character S. If at the end of the push the targeted character is outside of the attack's range or the attacker's LOS, the attack action ends. If it is the attacker's activation, and the attack did not target multiple characters, they may make another action.



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If Escort to Safety’s conditions to end the attack are met, the attack is stopped and immediately ends. 

If the attacker is making this attack during its activation, the attacker gets another action.

This means the attacker will get 3 actions for the activation. Usually, this means one of their actions will be the cancelled attack. 

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