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If an opponent has set Sinister Traps on an objective and Peter Parker and Black Cat play Cat and the Spider would Black Cat be able to interact with the objective before the trap goes off?

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New player so just trying understand the order. Since both seem to resolve at same time how does one know what triggers first in case of others similar interactions? This was only one I noticed, but in case in future games I find others.



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In this particular case, we don’t actually have two things resolving at the same time. 

Sinister traps reactively interrupts the flow of what’s going on as it triggers off of the end of the throws movement. If collision damage was occurring, that would be resolved prior to Sinister traps, but otherwise the traps effect interrupts and inserts itself into the ongoing effect to be resolved first. 

The trigger of the end of the movement occurs before the after the throw is resolved basically.

If we did have two effects occurring at the same time, Appendix A covers how to resolve those situations.

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