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New Agent Venom Beam Lashing Tendrils trigger

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Hello, I noticed that the new agent venom card has in it's beam attack a trigger that has WILD, HIT. Since the all the others past triggers that had multiple dice simbols to go off are written with those symbols one after another and Agent Venom's are separated by a comma, does he require both a hit and a wild to trigger Lashing Tendrils or just one of the two?

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On Agent Venom's Symbiote Special Forces attack it shows 'Lashing Forces' with a Wild Hit trigger but with a comma in between. Can you please clarify, does Lashing Forces require both a Hit and a Wild for this to trigger or is the comma meant to indicate that either a hit or wild is sufficient to trigger this effect.

In other triggers requiring multiple die faces there has been no comma in between the symbols e.g. Angela's Cleave trigger or ASM Momentum and I was unsure if this was meant to indicate a difference in how it is resolved.


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