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  1. If I attack a character with an attack with sap power and roll some wilds, does my opponent lose power before he could play odin's blessing/Xceptional Healing or after?
  2. If an enemy character targets a character using an attack that has the Rapid Fire trigger, if I use Heroes for Hire, place say my Iron Fist and he becomes the defender, if Iron Fist doesn't become dazed, does he throw the attacking character before the Rapid Fire Triggers or after? And if he throws the attacking character before, if the thrown character is out of range for his Rapid Fire attack does it become void?
  3. If a player uses Field Dressing on an activated character, does he remove the activation token from it?
  4. The tie silencer sensistive controls configurations grants the ability to make a red boost or barrell roll during the system phase, if I use that can I make another, different, action (if not stressed) during the perform action step of the activation phase?
  5. If Enchantress or Black Cat have enough power to use multiple times in a turn their stealing extracts powers (amora's kiss and Master cat Burglar) if the crisis permits to have more than one extract on a character, can they use those powers more than once each turn targeting the same target and in fact stealing more than one extract in a single turn?
  6. Darth Vader ability says that after making an action he can spend force to make an action. Can i continue to spend force to continue doing actions? (it seems to be the case since spending a force grants you another action basically)
  7. Hello, we already learnt that you need a card/power that specifies attack action to grant a bonus to all the attack dice on a Beam and on Area attack but is the same if I boost with an attack that grants flurry or richochet or Modok's Doomsday Chair? I'm asking this because in the case of a beam or area attack, while we resolve every hit character as a separate attack, all the targets are already estabilished in the beginning. Instead until now attacks caused by Flurry, Richochet or Doomsday Chair's second attack are resolved after i'd say, so not so sure about them
  8. Do special attacks granted by Tactics Cards count as an action? For Example if I play Power of the Cosmos with Thanos and make the attack written on the card does it count on Thanos' total actions for that activation?
  9. If my opponent has Cap Falcon as a leader, if I hit 2 or more characters with a beam or area attack when i resolve the attack against the first target, if I daze it does it instantly trigger cap falcon leadership or I resolve all of my attacks against the characters hit by the beam /area first?
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