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Gaining suppression during perform actions

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Hello, So just want to know what happens when a unit during its perform action step gains suppression (Dauntless, Compel, etc.) which would cause it to panic. For example, Black suns (leadership 1) have 1 supression after the rally step which allow them to perform 1 action and are holding a box. They use dauntless to perform a free move action and gain a supression taking them to 2 supression which double their leadership value. Do they drop the box and or can no longer perform additional actions? Then after the activation remove 1 courage since they where panicked and end the activation with 1 supression?

Or do they keep the box since its after their rally step and can perform their one additonal action?


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Per page 22 of the Core Rules Book, If the unit does not begin it's perform actions step while panicked, then it will not drop a claimed objective even if it gains enough suppression to be considered panicked. They could also perform additional actions. They were not considered panicked when the activation started, so they would not remove suppression equal to their courage value. This will be made more clear in the future. 


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