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Repulsor Vehicle with Hover: X and Standby

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Based on Star Wars: Legion Core Rule Book v2.5, the following applies to a vehicle with Hover: X keyword:


A unit with the Hover: Ground or Hover: Air X keyword may perform standby actions during the Perform Actions step and may perform reverse moves.

While the intent appears to be clear, this never explicitly lifts the restriction about gaining and spending Standby tokens that is part of the Repulsor Vehicles rules: 


Repulsor vehicles cannot perform the standby action or gain or spend standby tokens.

Which makes room for an argument that a Repulsor Vehicle with Hover: X may perform the Standby Action not to obtain the token, or if it obtains the token - that it might not be able to spend it. This looks like a clear case of an omission, so my question, for reference, would be - would such an argument be wrong?

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