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Domino's Probability Manipulation : Can you pay more power than you have failures in your initial roll?

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Domino's Probability Manipulation states : "For each power spent, this character may treat one failure as a critical for the remainder of the attack."

Since you need to use this superpower before adding dices for critical, is it right to think you could pay more power than you have failures in your initial roll in case you end up rolling more failures during the modification steps?

Let's say, I roll 2 failures and two blanks. I pay 3 powers to use Probability Manipulation, then those two failures explode as if they were crits. If I get a third failure in those additional rolls (or from other rerolls I might have from other effects), can I convert it into a success because I paid 3 originally?

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The ruling on Probability Manipulation is changing.

Previously, the superpower would be used at the specified timing steps and then the effect of it allowed you to choose a failure to be treated as a critical at all steps of the timing sequences. This meant you could "overspend" and choose a failure at a step in the sequence other than when the superpower was used.

This will no longer be the case.

You are now required to have failures in your dice pool at the point you use the superpower in order to choose them. This means you can no longer pay for future results, as the results can only be chosen directly after using the superpower.

You will now pay to choose specific results(not dice) to be treated as critical results. Only results that exist at the point of paying may be chosen. If those results are modified(changed or rerolled) later, even if they are modified to the same result, the effect allowing them to be treated as another result is lost. I.E. If a die showing a failure is rerolled, even if that die rolls another failure, the result that the effect applied to(the original failure) is gone and thus the effect is gone.

You may still spend more power than you have failures available per the first sentence, it’s just any power spent over the number of failures currently available has no effect.

This change better aligns the rule to the printed rule on these cards.

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