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Power Cost and Attack Resolution

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The attack sequence is roughly:

1. Choose an attack you have enough power for
2. Choose a target and resolved target-related effects
3. Pay the power for the attack

I'm not sure why you pay for the power in step 3 instead of step 1 and it raises a few questions that I'm not sure how to resolve. I speculate you pay in step 3 in case you no longer have targets and your attack is cancelled (e.g. Loki) but that's speculation.

The question in hand - what happens if I choose a power with a cost, and then in step 2 I spend power such that I can no longer pay for the attack in step 3? Some easy examples are Hawkeye's quick draw - the target could choose to pay for a defensive power and not have enough left when their attack resolves. Enchantress is another great example - what happens if the attacker chooses to pay 2 to target another defense and no longer has enough power to pay for their attack.

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If an red skull has power for their attack at step 1a, then enchantress uses enchanting at step 2d, and they pay the power, (2), but now does not have the power to use the attack (step 3a) does the attack fail? What happens to the power spent on enchanting? 


since step 1a, to check for power, is passed, is the process reset? Or do you get an attack for cheap?


does the red skull get their attack action back?

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5 hours ago, Negoldar said:

While the power is not spent until step 3, it is reserved when the attack is declared for the purposes of paying for the attack and will not be able to be spent for other effects. 

This will be made clearer in the future. 

Thank you.

Follow up question, how does reserved power interact with the power cap?

For example:
1. Iron Man has 10 power and reserves 2, declaring a Homing Rocket attack against Hawkeye, who is outside Range 3

2. In step 2 of combat resolution, Hawkeye attacks Iron Man with Fast Draw. During this attack's resolution, Iron Man takes 2 damage.

Does Iron Man gain 2 power, or does the power cap of 10 include both reserved and unreserved power?

If he can gain the power, that raises some minor questions about what happens if you go over the power cap in this way (e.g. Iron Man is Dazed as a consequence of Hawkeye's attack and can no longer continue your attack sequence).

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