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Vibranium Heist - Attacker and Defender special actions

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Question 1

The Attackers have a special action listed as Interact (Vault). The last sentence reads "The Defender may immediately Sound the Alarm!

A) Does this mean the Defender may Sound the Alarm! after every time the Attacker Interacts with a Vault?


B) Does that last sentence only apply once a Vault is removed from the battlefield?


Question 2

One of the Defender's options listed under Sound the Alarm! is listed as

Patrol: Place one undeployed character within range 2 of a side battlefield edge. 

A) Can the incoming character be placed within range 2 of any edge of the battlefield?


B) Can the incoming character only be placed within range 2 of the battlefield edges that were not used by the Attacker or Defender during deployment?

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