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Sadistic Glee and Paint the Town Red Interaction Question

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When Carnage rolls skull results on an attack with Sadistic Glee he takes damage after the attack is resolved.  When Carnage Dazes of KOs a character he can use Paint the Town Red to remove all of his damage.  I feel like the order of these effects is pretty important.

If you roll a skull result and Daze/KO your target, do you remove all damage and then take a damage, or do you take a damage and then remove all damage?  Is it possible for Carnage to Daze himself from Sadistic Glee before he has the opportunity to remove all his damage with Paint the Town Red


This interaction becomes even more complicated with Maximum Carnage where he end up making a bunch of attacks, rolling lots of dice and maybe lots of skulls, and even Dazing or KOing more than one enemy.


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Both effects resolve at step 14a of the attack timing chart. Both effects belong to Carnage.  

As per page 20 of the rulebook players may pick the order of application of their effects when the timing is the same for both. 

In your example you may resolve them in either order and that may result in Carnage getting himself Dazed/KO’d before he heals. 

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