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Two part question when both the Bane Token, "Kablamo" and a mine fiend are next to each other:

  1. Assuming the mine will blow up, when an enemy unit moves into range of both tokens simultaneously which token goes off first or is up to the player who moved the unit to determine?
  2. If Kablamo goes off first (or visa versa) and kills the unit, does the other taken remain in play or does it detonate against nothing?  
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As the Bane Token and the Minefield condition token have the same timing (after a unit moves, etc.) and are not opposing player effects, they will be triggered in either order, chosen by the player whose turn it is. Note that, in the case of the Minefield condition, it "triggering" does not necessarily means it will actually detonate; players should roll as normal.

If one token defeats the unit that moved into range and LOS, the trigger has still occurred for the other token and it will still be resolved, detonating if applicable.

Hope this helps,

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