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  1. If Cosmic Ghost Rider uses Chains of Cyttorak and something like Indomitable is used to stop the push, can CGR choose the same character and push him again?
  2. Does that mean, after the rapid fire is resolved, the character with Parting Show would get two Parting Shots? Would the same thing apply to Counter-Strike/Slippery?
  3. Since the card has the text "During Agent Venom's Activation" does that mean that the effects listed can be done throughout his entire turn? For example, lets say I pay 4 power. Would I be able to move near Star-Lord, make the Full Auto attack w/short move and then move again to Groot and heal or would I have to have everyone positioned just right to do multiple effects before the card is considered used?
  4. While in Diamond Form, Emma Frost can not play Team Tactics Cards. Would Emma be able to contribute power to Helios Laser Bombardment since Tony Stark is actually playing the card?
  5. Ok so with Last Minute Save, since I've never used the card before, I have a question. Let's say a character has two damage left, takes an attack that would KO them and Lockjaw plays the card. Does the character still take the damage that would KO them AND THEN put them at 1 damage or do they get saved and heal 1 damage bringing them up to 3?
  6. How would that work as far as placing Crisis Tokens go? Would you place the tokens according to the map based on the player that has priority?
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