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Clarification on Blob's Ha, Ha, Ha That Tickles vs Hit and Run

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Good Day.

I would like to request Clarification on Blob's Reactive ability Ha, Ha, Ha That Tickles vs Hit and Run with regards to its timing (14a and 14b activation). Example: Hulkbuster uses Hit and Run (Heavy Repulsor Blast) against Blob (14a).

So the question is, When does Blob trigger the push (14b)? After the attack or after Hulkbuster ends his movement?

Thank you for your time.

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Hulkbuster would use Hit and Run first

He would then make an attack action (which you mentioned is heavy repulsor blast)

He would proceed through steps 1-11

In step 12, if The Blob would suffer damage, he uses Ha, Ha, Ha, That Tickles now, in step 12, before he has suffered any damage (So he has to have the power already, he can't use power gained from this attack). He then reduces the amount of damage suffered by 1 now. He then suffers the damage and gains power equal to that damage.

Step 14a, Hulkbuster has three triggers to resolve - the power gain options from the first two bullets of heavy repulsor blast and the push from the third bullet

Step 14b, You check the conditions for the push from ha, ha, ha, that tickles and resolve it if applicable

Step 14c

The attack is completely finished at this point and now you perform the movement from the hit and run. The movement portion of the hit and run is not occurring during the attack portion and is entirely separate because it doesn't have any language tying it into the attack timing steps.

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