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Hood (possessed) Razor Talons vs Ronan The Accuser.

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If Possessed Hood dazes Ronan with a Razor Talons and Ronan uses the Accuser what is the final outcome?

1) Hood transforms into normal before Ronan can attack back.

2) Ronan attacks before Hood transforms into normal.

3) Ronan attacks and Hood doesn't transform into normal.  

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Option 3 would be correct.

Going through the attack timing steps:

12 - Ronan uses the accuser here just before the daze would normally occur (but doesn't resolve it!).
14a - Hood would normally transform here, but the use of "The Accuser" causes the Daze/KO to not occur in the normal window and thus his attack has not yet Dazed or KO’d anyone.
14b - The Accuser is resolved.

Since there is no window where Hood "rechecks" for the Daze or KO, he does not transform as a result of the last bullet of Razor Talons.

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