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Affiliation/Leadership with an even number of characters.

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in the event that I have a squad with 2, 4 or 6 characters, and the squad affiliation rules in the book state "more than half", does that include half or not?

Ie. in a 4 person squad I'd need 3 affiliated for the leadership, I cant have 2+2...

and a 2 player squad (such as Thanos w/ Mind and Power + Immortal Hulk for 15) can never use a leadership unless both are affiliated?

OR ... if the total threat value of the affiliated characters is >50% (ie Thanos = 8 and Hulk = 7) would that actually qualify?

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Squad affiliation requires more than half the characters to be of the affiliation in question.

For a squad of 2, both characters need to be of the chosen affiliation. For a squad of 4, 3 characters. A squad of 6 requires 4 characters. 

Threat Value is not considered. 

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