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Force Cost of Active Abilities from an Injured character's Combat Tree

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Here's the Scene:

A character who has 1 Injured token performs a Combat action, and gains a free Active Ability (assuming it has not used any of its Active Abilities this Turn) from its Combat Tree.

On page 32 of the Core Rules, it says that the character may use one of its Active Abilities which has not been used this Turn without paying its Force cost.

However, since the character has 1 Injured token and therefore is Injured, on page 34 of the Core Rules, it says that a Unit that has any number of Injured tokens must spend 1 Force for each of their Injured tokens as an additional cost to use an Active  or Reactive  ability.

In this case, when the character uses the Active Ability offered by its Combat Tree, how mush Force should it pay? 0 or 1?

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You would pay 0 Force in this scenario.

The additional Force required when you have Wounded or Injured tokens increases the cost of the ability itself. This means when allowed to perform it for free, it will still be free.

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