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Can you use tools as stand in to measure distances?

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Obi-wan was attacked by Count Dooku and is subject to a shove

The Obi-Wan player then uses the movement tool to measure the base width of Obi-Wan. They then measure the push effect and place the movement tool at the end of the shove. They then measure Range 2 from where the base's width was on the movement tool, allowing them to effectively create a proxy base by eyeballing the base's width on the movement tool.

The purpose was to use this information to decide if he should use Knowledge and Defense to dash back.

The Question:

While the rulebook states you can only ever use one movement and one range tool to measure, this seems to really stretch that. Could they use the tools in such a way?

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Players should not be measuring in this fashion.

You may not subdivide the measurement tools in this way. You are effectively creating a new, non-AMG provided measuring tool by doing this.

You also can’t premeasure using a characters base, which you are effectively doing in this scenario, albeit through a workaround.

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