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Han Solo (Scoundrel for Hire) pilot ability timing window


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When does Han Solo (Scoundrel for Hire)'s pilot ability happen during an attack? The wording says "After you roll dice", which would mean it happens after step 2a "Roll attack dice", but before step 2b "Modify attack dice".

However, the answer to this question implies that Han Solo's ability happens midway through step 2b, with the rest of the attacker's modifications: 

Does Han Solo's ability happen after step 2a? Or does it happen in the middle of step 2b, with the attackers modifications? If it happens in step 2b, does it have to happen first, or can it be done in any order, like the rest of the attacker's modifications?

Thank you!

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Han Solo's (Rebel, YT-1300) ability is treated as a dice modification effect that is not a reroll. Because it is a dice modification effect, when attacking or defending, it triggers during the Modify Dice step. Note, however, that it can also affect other die rolls, such as the roll to determine if a ship suffers damage from overlapping or moving through an asteroid.

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