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In the new Wookie Defender Battleforce we can meet the situation when a unit with a HOSTAGE and BATTLE SHIELD has speed 0.
In that case, that unit would be affected by a rule:"The first time a miniature in each Wookie Trooper unit is defeated each round, that unit may make a speed-1 move." or that works similar to immobilize tokens described here ?

The same question about that unit with 0 speed and force push or other move-X effects


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A unit with a maximum speed of 0 and one or more immobilize tokens cannot perform moves of any kind.

If a unit does not have an immobilize token, it may be moved with abilities that provide moves - such as the speed-1 moves granted by the Wookiee Defenders Battle Force special rules or as a result of the Force Push upgrade card free action - provided, of course, the speed-0 unit does not have a keyword to the contrary (like Stationary).

Hope this helps,

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