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Thanos Ultimate Encounter Question on Team Tactic Cards

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I just played the Thanos Ultimate Encounter and my friends and I had a few questions.

The Crisis Team is made up of 2 Players, each with a Max Threat 18 Crisis Team Squad. Can each team take the "Patch Up" Team Tactic Card? This means that the heroes fighting Thanos have 2 "Patch Ups" to use. We weren't sure but we allowed it. Since we feel the way it's worded for "Squad Compostion" the only restriction is the squads may not take Infinity Gems. I played Thanos, and I was about to defeat the healthy side of Hulkbuster , but the heroes played "Patch Up" twice and then had Wong heal him, and like...man, that took the wind out my sails. 🙂  The only thing I guess I felt I got out of that is I made them spend them two Patch Ups.

We figure this was legal because its two different squads, each with their own collection of Team Tactic Cards to build.  Taking 3 if we're playing on Normal Difficulty.


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