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Squardron building restrictions of action with no colour mentioned (Synchronized Consoles on Eta-2)

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The restriction of the Synchronized Consoles is printed with a Lock icon, no colour is used to describe it. So could Eta-2 which only has a purple Lock on its action bar equip with the Synchronized Consoles?

I would appreciate it very much if we can see a more specific defination of the squadron building restrictions in the future version of Rules Reference, making the point like this more clear to all.

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We've found some fixes to some of the Squad Builder issues people have been experiencing.

To be able to equip Synchronized Console (Modification) on any of the Eta-2 Actis pilots, do the following:

  • Add an Eta-2 Actis pilot to the squad
  • Click on the "tick" to confirm this

With an Eta-2 Actis ship now confirmed to be in the squad, Synchronized Console should be available to equip on this and any other Eta-2 Actis pilots you add to the squad. 

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