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R2D2 Crew, what happens if Direct Hit is flipped? does the direct hit damage resolve before or after recovering shield?

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All in the question. R2D2 text below:


During the End Phase, if you are damaged and not shielded, you may roll 1 attack die to recover 1 shield. On a hit result, expose 1 of your damage cards.

The question comes from the semi-recent FAQ about paying costs following Nantex release (where the effect of paying the cost gets resolved after you fully resolve the ability). Does this change anything for R2D2? What's the correct sequence if exposing a Direct Hit?

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No, there is no cost associated with R2-D2 (crew); this is an optional ability you may use to recover a shield that has a potential consequence. With regards to exposing a Direct Hit, as you would have already recovered a shield, the Direct Hit would then remove it.

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