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Debris Cloud and Linked Actions

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so, if i have a v-wing equipped with Q7 astromech and i boost on top a debris cloud, i could still perform the linked lock action before receiving the stress from the debris?

or is the timing different, because the rolling for and gaining stress from wounded pilot is a player's ability and not strictly a game effect? does that mean that all the text on damage cards are player's abilities and should always be resolved with the ability queue? even the text without action:-headers?

will we get clearer definitions of what constitutes a player's ability and what constitutes a game effect?

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No, they have different timing:

"A ship moves through an object if the template is placed on that object when the ship moves.
• If a ship moves through an obstacle, it suffers the effects of that obstacle."

"• After a ship performs an action with an attached linked action, if the player wants to resolve the linked action, it is added to the ability queue."

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