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Timing of "targeting" abilities

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I'm looking to double check some assumptions.

What is the trigger timing for abilities that are worded such that you use the superpower either when targeting or being targeted by an attack?

Is it 2a or 2d?

The part that makes me want to double check is the wording in 2d ("...resolve effects that happen when a character is targeted...")

There are two ways I can see it being understood

1. The intention is that you both trigger and resolve the ability in 2d. (Basically, the "resolve" here is not being used in a rules terminology way (referencing the separation between trigger timing and resolution timing), its being used in a more generic language way)

2. The intention is that its all strictly rules terminology, meaning you trigger the ability in 2a and resolve the ability in 2d.


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These effects will trigger at step 2d. All of the effects I can think of off the top of my head also resolve at that point. 

Rocket Raccoon's Personal Bodyguard for example is triggered at step 2d and immediately resolves to change the target of the attack.

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