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Reactive Tactics Triggers (and powers)

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When the core rules state "A player may play Reactive Team Tactic cards only when the listed trigger condition is met and only once per triggering event" does this mean that if I have two tactics cards that have the same trigger, I can only play one of them?  Or is it future proofing for a tactics card that is not discarded or otherwise could potentially be played multiple times on a single trigger?

Is this the same or different for super powers?

While a reactive super power can only be triggered once from an event, if there are multiple super powers that could be triggered off the same event, would this be limited to my choice of one or could both be triggered?

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Further amended: considering the bodyguard triggers might actually be two separate triggers - considering the second bodyguard superpower triggering off the first bodyguard character becoming the target of the attack.

The core of the question remains a question about clarity on playing multiple tactics cards off a single triggering event, general wording & whether or not this is a case of future proofing or an immediately applicable rule (and what an example of that might be) and the secondary question about super powers remains associated.

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