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  1. If the momentum token is on zero, a player scores no points and the token doesn’t physically move, does it count as moving for the purpose of triggering the momentum add for both players? Ex: Struggle 3’s opening turn, Obi-Wan attacks Dooku, is unable to trigger a push on his attack tree, and cannot gain control of the point. Obi-Wan’s controlling player scores zero, the momentum tracker stays at zero. Do both players get momentum?
  2. Can a Magneto who uses Force Projection be thrown by Malekith's Ferocity assuming he suffers one damage?
  3. Can grunts take one damage to utilize the place from a set of the Black Bifrost tokens?
  4. Which happens first, after the place, Forfend’s window or the incinerate?
  5. Iron bound books is an active tactics card that provides allied characters the ability to change a physical attack to mystic when targeted. Mystique’s Shapeshifter innate power prevents reactive super powers and tactics cards from being played during her activation. Is there any interaction between Iron Bound Books’ option to change an attack from Physical to Mystic, and Mystique’s Shapeshifter innate power? Does Mystique’s shapeshifter innate power have any bearing on innate super powers during her turn? Example: A convocation player has Iron Bound Books active. Mystique attacks Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme, who changes to the attack to mystic. Mystique’s shapeshifter ability does not stop The changing of the attack type allowed by Iron Bound Books. Further, Dr. Strange’s rolling mystic defense against the now mystic attack allows him to use his innate power, Mystic Armor or Strange. Is this example correct?
  6. Does a Jonathan token within range 1 count as a contesting character for triggering the requirement for a roll to claim a SWORD Console?
  7. Does the controller of a Jonathan the Wolverine roll a die for Jonathan? If yes, does he get pushed away on a crit or wild? Jonathan the token is not a character but “it contests objective tokens as if it were an injured allied character.” During the power phase, Cosmic Vaults checks for characters controlled by a player within range 1 of a cosmic vault.
  8. If ghost rider has a winging it token when he is KO’d, then plays deal with the devil, does he retain the winging it token in the resolution of DwtD?
  9. Is the push from SWORD a crisis effect (so, no indomitable), enemy effect or something else entirely?
  10. “Regardless of range and LOS” - does a bodyguarding character gain cover if they meet the requirements for cover as outlined in the RRG? Can they meet those requirements considering the “regardless” clause of the bodyguard super power?
  11. Bob and Ghost Rider are your last two characters. Both are injured. Ghost Rider is dealt enough damage to be KO’d and deal with the devil is played. Does the “before he is removed from the battlefield,” clause of Deal With The Devil keep you in the game?
  12. Scenario: a miniature on a 35mm base is between two Web Warriors miniatures that are within range 3 of each other. The web warriors choose to play Web Barrier and meet the requirements. The 35mm based miniature is between them, effectively centrally between them in all relevant axes. (1) Is the "straight line" drawn between the two relevant Web Warriors from any point on their bases, or from the closest point to the closest point? (Particularly relevant if one or more of the playing Web Warriors is on a larger base; e.g.: Amazing Spider-Man and/or Venom are the playing models. (2) If all three models are functionally aligned, effectively forming a straight line at all points, with the middle miniature effectively central between them, is there any point on the middle mini's base (the non-web warrior, who is being affected by the barrier) where a movement tool can be laid without overlapping the barrier? Specifically, perfect alignment not withstanding, considering a situation where a miniscule portion of the circular base lies beyond any straight line drawn and the tool can be placed in a way that some part of the tool is not within the line, but the nubs of the tool would overlap the line.
  13. With the updates to the reroll wording on Black Panther, Shuri, MODOK, et al, does the timing window for Beast's rerolls remain unchanged? Is Beast still required to pay for his rerolls after rolling dice, but before rolling in criticals?
  14. Ronan Dazes and attacks Dormammu using the accuser. Looking to confirm there is a window before Ronan is dazed at the end of the attack where Dormammu can push Ronan in 14b of Ronan’s accuser attack, correct?
  15. Domino rolls hit skull skull wild. Pays two power for probability manipulation. Rolls in two dice, rolling hit skull. Can domino reroll one of the skull results being treated as a critical result (similar to Corvus with reality), and apply the Probability Manipulation effect to a different skull result (like the new skull rolled in from the skull being treated as a critical result)?
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