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Turns in an activation phase

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I was just reading the rules pdf concerning activations in a round.  It of course explains how players alternate turns.  However, it does not explain how this works when an opponent has more activations than you.

Let's say I have activated all 4 of my characters.  My opponent activates their second to last character.  When they end their current turn, do I get a turn even though all my characters are activated/dazed?

If I do before they activate their last character, I could play Tactic Cards potentially.  This has been brought up in my group revolving around the Field Dressing confusion that had been going around.

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Players always alternate turns. A player that does not have a character to activate will be forced to Pass instead of activating a character.

Players may play Team Tactic cards and potentially use other special rules (like leaderships) before they Pass.

Your Field Dressing example would work. Field Dressing on a Dazed character that does not have an Activated token would allow the active player to activate the formerly Dazed character instead of declaring a Pass (they may not be allowed to declare the Pass if they no longer have fewer characters left to activate than their opponent).

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