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Vadar + Defender = Use of force to change attack dice

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Found this question in a Redit post and there were 2 different answers. Hoping for an official ruling as I actually used this during my last game.

When flying Darth Vader in the Defender, can he use the Force to change just a blank to a hit, or can he use Force to change more than one blank to a hit. I'm asking if he can change 3 blanks to 3 hits if he uses 3 Force.

How many force tokens can be spent to use an ability during a phase?


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Many abilities are restricted to occur “once per opportunity,” which means they can be resolved only one time during the specified timing window. 

While he performs an attack (the specified timing window), Darth Vader (Tie Defender) may spend 1 Force charge to change 1 blank result to a hit result. He may not spend 2 or 3 Force charges to change multiple blank results to hit results.

He can still spend any remaining Force charges to change any Focus results to hit results


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