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Do you get a turn to play Team Tactics cards when you have no models left to activate, but your opponent does have models left?

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Per the rules:



Activation Phase

During the Activation Phase, players alternate taking turns. During a player's turn they can play any number of Team Tactics cards and activate one character that does not have an Activated or Dazed token. The player who has priority takes the first turn. As soon as the previous player has declared their turn is over, the next player begins their turn. The Activation Phase ends when a player ends their turn and neither player has a character without and Activated or Dazed token.


And per the "Parts of the Activation Phase" timing chart:


2. Players alternate turns until there are no more characters that can activate. During a turn, a player either activates a character or passes. A player who activates a character may make actions, use superpowers, and interact with objectives with that character.


So if at the start of the Activation Phase I have 1 model and my opponent has 2 models, after I take my turn and activate my one model and they have a turn and activate their one model, do I get a turn to play Team Tactics cards before they activate their 2nd model, or do I not get a turn because I have no model I could activate? If I don't get a turn, does that mean that my opponent gets 2 back-to-back turns? If so, wouldn't that break the "players alternate taking turns," part of the rules?

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