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I had a probably rare occurrence come up in a recent game. Carnage sitting on one wound left went up to attack Wong, but Luke Cage played Heroes for Hire to jump in and take the attack. I had the card Neogenetic Recombinator available to be played, so my question is this: is there a time available to me to play Neogenetic Recombinator after my attack on Luke Cage, but before the throw generated by Heroes for Hire? 

My thought is yes, because H4H says "After the attack is resolved . . . " and I am still the active player which fulfills the requirements of NR. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated! 

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Unfortunately there isn't a window in this scenario to play that card.

"After the attack is resolved" is actually still occurring during the attack, specifically step 14 of Appendix A & Neogenetic recombinator is an anytime rule.

You can then find a box on Page 15 of the online rule book that explains "any time" abilities are not literally any time. They can't actually interrupt another action/effect in progress, so since the "after the attack is resolved" is actually still during the attack, it can't interrupt it.

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