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Movement/Advancing in Tight Spaces

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Hypothetical situation: There are 2 size 5 buildings that are arranged so that they are almost touching corner to corner. In the arrangement, the corners leave a 40mm gap between the building corners. Ultron (who has a 50mm base) is on the ground on one side of the gap. There is a place on the other side of the gap that will fit a 50mm base, and that place is would be a legal movement ending location for Ultron. This place lies along the medium movement tool, if it is slipped in the gap. The movement tool does not overlap any other terrain in this example.

Can Ultron use a move action during his activation to this place on the other side of the gap? Or is he stuck (or maybe needing to climb) because his base can't fit?

This came up during a friendly learning game, and I can't find any reason why Ultron couldn't do the move in the rules pdf, errata, or on this forum. I know that during a push or throw you bump into things while moving along the template...but I don't see it for advancing.

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