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What is considered a 'Move Action?'

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There are many references to this, as with various reaction traps and similar. What is considered a move action then? Would a charge that includes both a movement and an attack be considered a move action or must it be only an advance or climb specifically? Thanks

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A move action is most commonly one of the types of actions you can perform with a character during its activation as described on page 14 of the rule book.

A move action can also be granted by other special rules though. The Charge superpower as found on Valkyrie for instance allows the character to perform both a move action and an attack action.

When performing a move action, you can either advance or climb.

An advance or a climb are not always move actions though, as some special rules instruct you to perform one or the other of those movement types without instructing you to perform a move action. The Steel Rush attack on Baron Zemo for instance, this attack allows you to perform an advance after the attack is resolved. This would not be a move action.

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6 hours ago, Mc1gamer said:

So would either or both be considered a qualifying move for the likes of triggers that react from move actions like those offered by Rocket? Mysterio? Green Goblin? Thx!

To get the triggers correct, you want to be sure to note whether a rule is referencing a move action, a movement or a specific type of movement.

Booby Traps from Rocket and Tricks and Traps from Mysterio do not require a character to make a move action, they only require the character to make a movement, which encompasses any of the types of movement from page 16 (Advance, Climb, Throw, Push, Place). 

Trick or Treat from Green Goblin requires the character to make specific types of movement (advances or places).

None of those superpowers care whether those movements are as a result of a move action, they will work regardless of how the character makes the type of movement they are looking for.

Compare those superpowers to the Team Tactic Card Spider-Tracker, which is worded like this


After an enemy character ends a move action within range 4 of an allied Web Warriors character...

That rule specifically requires it to be a move action to trigger it. An advance granted by an attack like Steel Rush, as mentioned above, would not trigger this card because the advance wasn't made as a part of a move action.

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