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  1. So Mystique has a power that prevents use of TTC and reactive powers during her activation. Once this Leadership TTC is played at the start of the game, granting the leadership ability to either Logan or Laura with tokens that afford rerolls, is the use of those tokens later in the game inhibited by Mystique if she is attacking a Weapon X character? It seems to me the reactive nature of this card is the playing of it initially and once done, the Leadership is active while the assigned character is in play and using the tokens would be like any other Leadership, that wouldn't be affected and pevented by Shapeshifter. Can you please confirm? Would be rather excessive to have to use a TTC to access a leadership and also have it not be used after it is playd already. Thanks!
  2. Seems a bit off, but this came up and I seem to remember that you can't target your own characters in MCP. Follow-up Q: When throwing terrain, are they destroyed just be virtue of being thrown or must that terrain collide with something else? Incident occurred with Magneto tossing stuff just to get the power distribution but not into anything. Thanks!
  3. Seems like this card allows a free follow-up attack after the named characters perform an attack action and play it. Is that follow-up attack free or will it require another attack action? Thanks!
  4. An enemy is hit by Domino's grenade bounce, which triggers explosive. Another enemy, with stealth, is within 2 of the original target, but this enemy is outside 3 of the attacker. Does the character with stealth still take the explosive damage? Thanks
  5. If a dazed ally is within range 3 of Logan, does Logan still get his rerolls for On The Hunt? Thanks
  6. Colossus uses Fastball Special to chuck Wolverine into a foe who uses Brace for Impact. The damage is negated but does the bleed still affect the target? FBS doesn't say damage is required for the bleed to occur. Thanks
  7. I'm looking at timing for 14a/b but my understanding is that the priority player can decide the order of effects that trigger after the attack is resolved. Ine example is Logan's place vs Blob's push aftet he taoes damage but there are many others. Is it attacker results then defender or can the attacking player decide? Thx
  8. Lets say Logan is targeted by a mystic attack and is dazed. Would the splash damage vs nearby friends occur since Logan, after the attack is resolved, is dazed and typically that means powers can't be used? Thanks
  9. So just for a recent opponent: A)confirming that Mystique's Shapeshifter ability counters X-ceptional healing in that if it's Mystique's activation and she attacks a character with access to X-ceptional Healing, they cannot use it, but it isn't expended. B)Shapeshifter cannot be Shhh'd or No More Mutants because it is innate/always on and not reactive or active. Wish either version Wolverine could overcome Shapeshifter with his heightened senses 😞 He always is a counter to that in the comics, even the movies lol.
  10. Can Magneto gain his Mystic Defense vs these effects? He can be thrown, as indicated, but does his Force Projection still apply for dodging still? Also, can Thor, and any other character then with a superpower throw, or any other character with similarly worded ability, still throw Magneto since it's not part of an attack action? Does any superpower that has an attack followed by a throw also work on Magneto? Thanks
  11. The new Wolverine is actually Logan, The Wolverine. So, I'm expecting that Cowboy Hat Wolvie cannot use the tactic cards from the original MCP character (Spandex Wolvie), ie Fastball Special, Jean!!!, Weapon X Program? FYI, we've 100% seen him in his leather jacket/jeans look getting thrown (in the comics and in the movies), and the new affiliation (Weapon-X) is essentially in the title of one of the other cards. Any chance? 😜
  12. When Loki uses Trickster, or any reaction ability where you can advance a distance like SamCap's leadership, Avengers Assemble, Slippery, etc, can the character climb across obstacles as part kf this move if they don't have flight and the terrain is larger than their height? Would flight natter here, and would the terrain size matter if it were the same size or smaller. My meaning is that an advance is different than climb so can they climb with these bonus or reactive move options? Thanks
  13. Please explain how this interacts with Venom (modifications) as well as if this actually changes to result or not for powers that Wanda, Dormmamu have that benefit form opponents who roll skulls. How is this different from Counts As, etc.? Thanks!!
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