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Reactive super power timing of Wintersoldier and Dormammu

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If Winter Soldier targets Dormammu with Assault Rifle and triggers a rapid fire, but Dormammu uses "Feel the Power of Darkness!" which one triggers first? 

If "Feel the Power of Darkness!" triggers first would Winter Soldier still be able to rapid fire? I would assume no if he is out of range. 


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Winter Soldier’s Rapid Fire ability triggers at step 14a of the attack timing. Dormammu’s Feel the Power of Darkness! triggers at step 14b. 

Rapid Fire will go first. 

Note that Dormammu will be able to resolve two instances of Feel the Power of Darkness! after the Rapid Fire attack—one for each attack. 

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1 hour ago, The-Calf said:

Thank you so much! I assume in general reactive powers usually the player with priority goes first? I know it's quite vague general question if there's no blanket answer.


The first paragraphs of Appendix A cover what to do when two triggers happen at the same time. Depending on what is happening at the moment of those triggers it could be the attacker, active player, or priority player that goes first. 

Additionally, Appendix A’s timing chart covers most items with the same timing and breaks them into separate steps. For your original question they do not trigger at the same step but have their own steps dictated by the chart (steps 14a and 14b).

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