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Does the movement from a throw end before the impact is resolved?

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When you're throwing a character does the move end before the impact damage is calculated or after?

The situation that resulted in this question 

On Gamoras activation she Assassins leaps into Cassandra Nova who had zero power. 

She completes the throw and impacts Nova causing a dodge roll. After rolling Nova suffered 2 damage and received 2 power. 

Could Nova then pay for Psychic Distraction now that she has the 2 power? Or did the window for Psychic Distraction pass?

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The collision is a part of the movement, so you resolve the collision prior to rules that reactively trigger off of that movement.

This means that yes, Cassandra Nova could trigger Psychic Distraction after the collision has been resolved because she will now have the power.

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2 hours ago, Matthews1802 said:

So she could pay two to avoid two damage after she had been collided with for two damage..... I don't full get it 

I think you are confusing Psychic Distraction for Telekinetic deflection.

Pyschic distraction allows her to react to an enemy character ending a movement within range 3 of her, potentially doing damage to them and providing her an advance.

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