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Clarification „The Age of Ultron“ and „Fear Grips Hammers“

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We had a situation in yesterday‘s game, where my opponent achieved to collect all 4 hammers on „Fear Grips“-Extract with his injured Ultron. 

In the following turn I KO’ed Ultron, so he wanted to play „The age if ultron“. 

So, when would ultron drop the hammers and when would the final power-cost of the card be calculated. 

Is he able to play „The age if ultron“ or would the „hammer-tax“ raise power cost to 12 in which case he wouldn‘t be able to play the card? 

Thanks for clarification. 

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Age of Ultron is triggered between when Ultron is KO'd and when he is removed from the battlefield. All held objective tokens are dropped at the moment Ultron is KO'd, so the effect of the Hammers is lost and Age of Ultron costs only 8 Power to play. 

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