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Seyn Marana & Deadeye Shot

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Seyn Marana's [Imperial; TIE/ln Fighter] pilot ability is read as:

While you perform an attack, you may spend 1 Crit result. If you do, deal 1 facedown damage card to the defender, then cancel your remaining results.

And Deadeye Shot's ability is described as:

While you perform a primary attack, if the defender is in your Bulleye Arc, you may spend 1 Hit result or change 1 Crit result to a Hit result. If you do, the defender exposes 1 of its damage cards.


While Seyn Marana performs a primary attack and gets a Hit and a Crit as the results, could she spend the Hit result first to trigger the ability of Deadeye Shot, exposing a facedown damage card the defender has, and then use her own pilot ability, spending the remaining Crit result to deal a facedown damage card to the defender?

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Both of these abilities occur during step 2b. Modify Attack dice, and may be resolved in either order.  Note that if you resolve Seyn Marana's ability first, all results would be cancelled, leaving nothing for Deadeye Shot to modify.

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