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Area attacks, Beam attacks and effects that deals special conditions.

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Sorry again if there is already a topic about that but you know i'm dum. 

In case of an area attack or a beam attack, for example Magneto shrapnel Blast or Cyclop optic devastation, is every character (not allies) in range of the attack suffer the special condition stun (for Magneto) or concussion (with a wild for Cyclop) ?



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8 hours ago, Marvelboy74 said:

Ok it's quite clear and will "they satisfy any conditions during each attack" included that in case of a special rule who deals a special condition (like Cyclop optic devastation concussion) one wild affect several characters ?

That attack doesn’t cause a special condition.

Also, no, each individual attack needs a wild in cyclops case. So if you are attacking 3 characters, you need a wild in each of those three separate attack rolls. Each wild is only applicable to the attack that it was present in.

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