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Question regarding immediate attacks with cruelty and responses to them

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I will just describe what happened in my game. Killmonger moves and attacks taskmaster (no charge). Both Killmonger(Cruelty) and Taskmaster(Photographic reflexes) want to respond to the end of the attack. Rules state attacking character does this first. Killmonger responds with Cruelty Tactics Card. Immediately initiating another attack. Taskmaster lives and wants to respond to that attack also (with photographic reflexes). So according to what im understanding thus far. I would think that both photographic reflexes trigger after all killmonger attacks are resolved. But one thing I was struggling with was how many dice are rolled for those reflexes. Is it 4 in response to first attack and 6 for the second. Or because he was targeted twice before getting to actually respond does he get 6 dice twice?

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