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Interaction between Red Skull and Enchantress

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Question about an interaction between Red Skull (RS) and Enchantress (E), enemy targets RS with an attack, RS uses Hail Hydra making E the new target.  Will the attacker have the option to pay 2 power to prevent E from using Enchanting?  

I believe yes but want to make sure.  Thanks in advance

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Both of these are effects that happen at step 2d of the attack timing chart. 

At step 2d attackers resolve their effects that occur when a character is targeted by an attack then defenders do the same.

Enchanting’s power spend is an attacker effect per its rules so it has to occur before the defender resolves their effects such as Hail Hydra. 

In this case, the opportunity to spend the power has already passed so it cannot be spent. 

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The striked part of the above answer is being changed.

Enchanting is a step 2d defender trigger. After the attacker effects are resolved, the defender will be able to declare their abilities, including Enchanting, in the order of the defender's choice. For Enchanting, this will be the time for the attacker to pay its cost. 

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