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Does long range includes mid and/or short range?

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So me and my friend were arguing about whether you can place a targeting token in mid or short range if the weapon have ignition [long]

My friend's opinion is that since the specified range is long, then the token can only be placed in the long range section of the range ruler. His argument is that any ability that applies in multiple ranges will specify those range (i.e. Director Krennic)

My opinion is that long range is the whole length of the range ruler, and thus the targeting token can be placed anywhere within the ruler.

Can you determine which one of us is correct?

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The answers you seek are found within the Rules Reference Guide.

Per the Range and Distance topic,


"The range side is divided into three range bands: close, medium, and long."

and as the Ignition Range keyword topic states, 


 If a ship has multiple ignition [range] keywords, (such as those granted by upgrade cards) its targeting token can be placed within any of the specified ranges

In short, long range is not close range, nor medium range.
So for example, if your ship has the upgrade card Orbital Bombardment Particle Cannon equipped, you could choose to place your ignition targeting token only within long range, or short range. You could not place it within medium range.

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