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I’m just looking for clarification on Ninja Grunt activations if you bring both Shadowlands Daredevil and Electra.


If both Parent characters and their Ninjas are on the battlefield - and the ninjas activate before the parent characters does this mean

-> Ninjas activate followed by Daredevil then they are done-

-> then they get to activate AGAIN before Electra would later that round-

or are they done after their first activation regardless of having two parent characters on the field?


I’ve heard several interpretations. Another interpretation is that Grunts go, then both their parent characters go as a long chain of activations. 

I just want to play them as intended.


Thanks much

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When you select a parent character to activate, their associated Grunt will activate first. After the Grunt is finished, it gains an Activated token and the parent will activate. 

When the second parent for that Grunt activates, the Grunt cannot activate because it has an Activated token. 

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