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Question 1: concerning dice, are "change" and "modify" considered to be the same thing?

Question 2: when gaining cover, can you "change" a failure in your defense roll? (Or is this considered to be "modifying" your dice?)



Page 25, Cover

"During the modify defense dice step of an attack, a defending character benefitting from cover may change the result of one defense die to block."

Page 9, Dice

"Failures can't be rerolled or modified".


My inkling is that change and modify are functionally the same, thus you can't change a failure to block; but I noticed the wording difference and just wanted to double-check! Thanks!

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5 minutes ago, Capt_Diesel said:

Since cover is done at the modify dice step does this mean that if I roll 1 block and 1 skull I cannot modify the skull and therefore don’t benefit from cover? 

Does this also mean no one gains cover against Venom?

Correct. You would not be able to modify the skull in that scenario.

Yes. Symbiotic Instincts prevents dice modification and cover is modification so it will be prevented.

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