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Question Hood hex shot vs martial prowess

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I ran into this situation last weekend, "wounded" Hood used hex shot on Proxima Midnight, one instance and a second instance (rapid fire). Proxima Midnight used martial prowess twice and she blocked both attacks. Generating 4 damage that could potentially daze Hood. The confusion comes at the timing of Hood's transformation. Does he transform and then reduce damage and survives, or he gets daze first and then transform.

Thank you.

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Hood would suffer the damage from the second instance of Martial Prowess first(The 14b timing on the Rapid Fire attack) and can then transform at that point.

If he is not dazed or KO'd then, Demonic Resilience would then be available for the resolution of the first instance of Martial Prowess (The 14b timing of the original Hex Shot) and reduce the 2 damage from that to 1 damage.

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