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Measuring, one more time

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Still bit more clarification needed, though this has been asked previously, but I see this being played wrong all the time (afaik).

1) Are you allowed to measure your movement with base of the miniature? Meaning, you first move the mini somewhere along the movement stick, then using range tool  reposition the miniature (relating to 1 more more miniatures). 

As it has been said many times, base is not a measuring tool, so before moving the miniature are you expected to remove range tool from the board?

2) Overlapping versus balancing. This seems to be constantly played in a different way I think it should. Consider a building with width of 50 mm. According to overlapping rule, Hulk with 60 mm base cannot be positioned on the top of it, even though it can easily be balanced there, correct?


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1. No you may not. You could have the range tool down to measure from one other character or location to position the character. 

2. Hulk cannot be placed on that terrain. His model must be able to both fit within the outline of the terrain feature and balance on it. If either cannot be done, he cannot be placed there.

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