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Deadly Duo and redirecting attacks

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I use Deadly Duo, my first target is Valkyrie. She-Hulk uses Legal Defense to become the target of the attack. After the first attack is resolved, who is still an eligible target for the second or third Deadly Duo attack?

A) Valkyrie may be targeted, but She-Hulk may not.

B) She-Hulk may be targeted, but Valkyrie may not.

C) Either She-Hulk or Valkyrie may be targeted.

D) Neither She-Hulk nor Valkyrie may be targeted.

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After further review we are changing this ruling. When determining eligible targets for the second and third attack, a character that was already attacked, normally or through the use of an effect that changes the target like Bodyguard, cannot be targeted by Rocket Raccoon. To determine who has been targeted, look to step 13 of the attack timing chart (Appendix A). The target of the attack at that step is not valid for subsequent attacks from Deadly Duo.

Once the attack is started against a valid target, a character with a special rule like Bodyguard or Hail Hydra may use it to change the target to another character even if the new target has already been attacked as part of the resolution of Deadly Duo.

For this specific question, the answer is now A for the second attack and A or D for the third attack depending on if Legal Defense is used during the second attack.

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