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On 6/27/2022 at 7:34 PM, Gotchacoverd said:

If Cyclops is attacked by an attack that prevents adding and modifying defense dice, can he use Quick Draw to still give himself 5 defense dice? The tactics card Sacrifice would be an example of such an effect.

Yes. Quick Draw changes the number of defense dice determined in step 5a of the attack timing chart from a number equal to Cyclops’ appropriate Defense stat to 5. These are not additional dice nor is there any dice modification in this. 

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On 7/10/2022 at 2:50 AM, Marvelboy74 said:


So in that spirit does Cyclop can be affected by Cable's telekinetic Shield ?

Yes. Sacrifice prevents Cyclops from adding dice. It does not prevent Cable from adding dice to the defense roll. 

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